Milford grill and bar to change location, name


The Sheri’s Grill and Bar building has been in the Milford area since 1967 and has been open for 14 and a half years. In a few months, the current location will close to open at a new location at 503 First St. and will change its name to Uptown Tavern.

Todd Vegas, one of the owners of Sheri’s Grill and Bar, said they decided to move locations from the current location at 121 US-6 because of the current building’s condition.

“The facility we are at would not be good to repair,” he said. “It would cost more than we’d like it to, so it’s better to move now.”

Vegas said they chose the new location because a neighbor was building there.

“It just worked out well for us,” he said.

The new name came from a bar Vegas’ grandfather used to own in 1948 called Uptown Tavern in a lot that Vegas grew up across from.

“Some of the Sheri’s regulars suggested the name and it seemed to fit,” he said. “The thing that’s cool about the building is that are two silver columns that were originally at our new site that were re-finished and will be put back with the building. That location also used to host an old dime store and city hall.”

Vegas said they are hoping to move into the new building around mid-December and said they are on track.

Along with the new name and location, Vegas said there will be changes with the bar and grill.

“The new location will be a completely different style and be more of a sports bar,” he said. “There will be 14 TVs with NFL Ticket. There will also be a wall in between to separate the bar from the dining area.”

Although the grill and bar will be changing, Vegas said there will be some similarities between the new and the old.

“The menu will stay pretty much the same with a few tweaks with some of the new kitchen equipment we now have,” he said. “The staff will also stay the same, which I’m super excited about. They seem to be excited to have a new location.”


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