Nebraska’s 107th Legislature to meet for second session


The Nebraska State Legislation is set to meet for their second session from Jan. 5 to April 20.

From the January to April stretch, the legislation will be meeting for 60 of those days. Dist. 24 Sen. Mark Kolterman said that the legislature would be busy during this session.

“We’ll be looking at an abundance of different things at the session,” Kolterman said. “We will be looking at things ranging from infrastructure, the carry over of funds, ARPA, some routine budget balancing, property tax bills and much more.”

Kolterman also mentioned that he has two bills that he is still working on. They are the LB 375, a pharmacy benefit manager’s bill, and a bill to fund cancer research.

The pharmacy benefit manager’s bill was created to help local pharmacies survive against other bigger pharmacies. The bill would codify several changes affecting pharmacy benefit managers. This would include requiring PBMs to obtain a certificate of authority from the state Department of Insurance.

Kolterman’s other bill to fund cancer research started in 2019 when he asked the state to allocate $15 million and private donors to provide another $15 million to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. This bill came after the death of his wife in November of 2017 from pancreatic cancer.

Kolterman said that along with all the other stuff mentioned, he would be doing appropriations with ARPA funds.

“There’s going to be a lot to do in these next few months,” Kolterman said. “We’re ready for it.”


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